Our philanthropic focus is a vital part of our existence because it's our way of channeling back for the miracle of being alive and having this fantastic work.

You have to know that you are not buying a trip with any agency type that only benefits from you.


The massive difference with us is that your investment is supporting plenty of noble causes.

How can you help?

Book with us, purchase our products, and join us in making a positive difference

Before your transformative journey:

-Follow us on our different social media channels. #mayacosmos_travelgroup

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After your transformative journey:

-Spread the word and recommend our services and products to your family & community.

-Leave an honest review on our different social media channels.

-Buy our products online. Especially the cocoa, you will love it!

-Financial donations:

We have designed a way to give back even once our explorers have returned to their homes by:

We are accepting donations via Paypal to for community development projects and reforestation.


Stand out and make a big difference feeling good knowing that you are not only traveling, but you are also directly supporting things that nowadays really matter.