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we ensure a
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way to travel

A completely SAFE & COMFORTABLE way to travel.


To guarantee you a safe and a good trip it’s our priority, and to make it happen we have a series of authorized automobile’s and minivans, in the best conditions and with the drivers and/or guides, all of them super professional and friendly. All of our vehicles are totally equipment with air conditioner, panoramic view, radio and microphone, ensure and with all their respective permits.   


rav 4

4 Passengers


10 Passengers


30 Passengers


Safe transportation from or to the airport at any time, where ever and always.


Besides we offer to you reservations of domestic flights by airplane (from Guatemala city to the Mayan World airport in Peten) and flights on helicopter to all the country.

OTHER transportation SERVICES



A popular share service that works on different established schedules and that depends on the number of participants. We cannot assure you the trip time, because it makes several stop on route and it doesn’t count with guided service. Most of them are leaving from Antigua, Lago de Atitlan and Quetzaltenango. From México: San Cristóbal de las Casas and Palenque.


The shuttle service doesn’t go to all the touristic destinies in the country, and that’s why we work with this service too (big buses with large number of passengers).  Most of them are leaving from Guatemala city or Antigua and their destinies are: Guatemala city, Rio Dulce and Isla de Flores, Belice (Belice City), El Salvador (San Salvador), Honduras (La Ceiba y Tegucigalpa), Nicaragua (Managua), México (Tapachula y México DF).

Accredited by the INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Institute).

Register number #2795-2013-D