Guatemala & Antigua
Modern & Colonial
Guatemala city

The most cosmopolitan city in Central America being a mixture of the old and the modern. A very interesting place with a lot of history, culture and activities to do. Among its most attractive places are its spectacular Historic Center where we will find the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, the National Palace, the world famous Central Market and the recent Paseo de la Sexta Avenida (a gift for pedestrians in the center of the city). The Archaeological Site of Kaminal Juyu (the Death Hill) is also located within the city and has a rich history dating from approx. 1,200 years A.C. And we can not leave behind its different museums; standing out the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. A very complete place with a large number of original impressive pieces from our ancestors; besides presenting us to our 23 different types of Mayan ethnic groups.

Antigua guatemala

World Heritage City, our old capital city and therefore La Antigua. Surrounded by mountains and the majestic water volcano stands out among its skies and cataloged as a magical city full of charm; It is possibly the most visited tourist site in Guatemala and definitely the one that has the best nightlife. Its history begins around the year 1541 to 1776 and is marked by a large number of earthquakes that destroyed the city. In its times of glory it was cataloged along with Mexico and Peru one of the three largest capitals of the new world with an impressive development according to its architecture and culture. The third University of America was founded in its lands (1676) and nowadays it is a nice mixture of the old colonial world in ruins with the modernity of today and among its most touristic places stand out: its Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral and its ruins , Tanque la Union, Church and convent of San Francisco, Cerro de la Cruz, various shops and craft markets, jade factories, coffee plantations, etc.

You will definitely want to return to Antigua.