Mayan Culture Alive
the highlands

Entire indigenous Mayan sectors, the home of our living Mayan culture and the perfect combination between natural wonders and ancestral customs and traditions. Impressive mountainous landscapes full of agricultural crops, volcanoes and the deepest roots of our people and towns.  

Lake Atitlán

Definitely The most beautiful lake in the world. Atitlan (The water of our ancestors) is surrounded by 3 majestic and impressive volcanoes, its guardians: Volcán San Pedro, Toliman and Atitlan an ideal place to relax with its landscapes and immerse ourselves in the Mayan culture, meditate and make endless activities cultural and educational, holistic and medicinal, highlighting the exploration of their towns and social projects:  


Museum of Samabaj, The Maya Atlantis. Mayan city that is under the waters of the lake and place where we will find pieces of this ancient and mystical city, learning of its interesting history and development through time.  

San antonio & santa catarina palopó

Original towns of Mayan origin Caqchiquel where we will find several craft workshops of the best and finest work in ceramics.


Original towns being Santiago the cradle of the Mayan Tzutujil Kingdom and home of the Rilaj Mam or Great Grandfather of the Lake (species of Santo Maya venerated throughout the country by his followers) we will also find several indigenous cooperatives of production and clothing textile excelling the embroidery by hand and natural dyeing. And in San Lucas, the renowned Institute of Mesoamerican Permaculture, with a Creole seed bank and an impressive farm.  

san juan

Cataloged as the most beautiful and peaceful lake town. Really a model and example of sustainable community development. An artisan town full of life, colors, art and good tourism initiatives.  


Picturesque villages where local people live, international community and paradisaical and favorite places for rest, meditation and carrying out some holistic and healing option such as yoga, Mayan massage, a Mayan sacred fire ceremony or medicinal healing, etc.



Be careful Lake Atitlán is a vortex; you are definitely want to stay more time in the lake.


Or Chichi, as we commonly call it, is the home of the largest open-air market in the Mayan world and the center for buying, selling and exchanging for the different Mayan ethnic groups. Where we can find an infinite amount of all kinds of agricultural products (typical of the sector) as well as impressive and diverse handmade products excelling textiles (blouses, skirts, tablecloths, bags), ceramic objects, etc. In the center of the market we will find the singular Church of Santo Tomás (founded in 1540) a mixture of Mayan spirituality and Catholicism and whose maximum importance is to have been the place where the Mayan Bible, The Popol Vuh or book of creation was found. In its outskirts we will find its impressive Cemetery where we will be able to observe the Mayan spiritual guides celebrating their different ceremonies of sacred fire. A really interesting place.


The archaeological site of Iximche (or the corn tree) was founded in 1470 and the place where the first Spanish settlement in the country was established and then the first capital city of Guatemala, Santiago, was formed in its surroundings. Located in the department of Chimaltenango and cataloged as the cradle of the Mayan Kackchiquel kingdom and the beginning of the Guatemalan highlands. An agricultural department, craftsman and where the artistic town of San Juan Comalapa excels, place where we will find one of the greatest modern Mayan artistic manifestations according to the painting of primitivist style and home of several artisan cooperatives.  


Live Xela, impressive colonial city where the Mayan Quiche culture predominates in its streets, cataloged as the second most important city in the country. Surrounded by the Santa María and Santiaguito volcanoes (active) and picturesque villages full of agricultural crops typical of the region, including the village and Zunil volcano, home of Fuentes Georginas. A place full of nature that has sulphurous hot springs coming from the volcano with healing and beneficial properties for our health.