Mayan Biosphere Reserve

Our largest department, with historical value and invaluable and incomparable archaeological wealth. Home of the mysterious and magical Reserve of the Mayan Biosphere (the second largest lung in America) and the largest pyramid in the world (in volume) LA DANTA, in El Mirador and the most important archaeological sites in the Mayan world. Center for lovers of expedition and adventure and full of dense tropical forest, where the stories and legends of our civilization and Mayan people are born.


Where we will find the picturesque and small Isla de Flores, cataloged as the biggest starting point for the most expeditions that take place in the Mayan world. And in its surroundings we will find another ideal and more natural lodging option El Remate; a crystalline and paradisiacal beach where we can enjoy the best sunsets.  


The first archaeological site in the world to be listed as both Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity and probably (along with Chichen Itza) the most well-known and important of Mayan lands. A magical and mystical place whose history begins around 2000 years A.C. and in its apogee (classic period) it was when it had up to 150,000 inhabitants. Its area is approximately 16 km2 and today archaeologists are still working on the site, finding more evidence of this civilization day by day. The city of Tikal has Plaza Mayor, Central Acropolis and a large number of plazas, temples, palaces and administrative centers, market and exchange places, steam baths, ball games, rooms, water reservoirs, etc. and mostly covered by the dense jungle of the Mayan biosphere reserve. Outstanding for your visit the Temples I (Great Jaguar), II, III, IV, V, the Lost World, Palace of the Windows and Complex Q.

Yaxhá & Topoxte

Magnificent city of the Mayan elite compared in beauty and magnitude with Tikal plus the attraction of being in the surroundings of the LaguNa de Yaxha (blue water or green water). Definitely part of the itinerary of travelers with knowledge of our culture and good taste. Since in this city you can have the best panoramic views of the Mayan Biosphere and the lagoon from the top of Temple 216. And Topoxté; It is a small island where there is a Mayan city that was deeply related to Yaxhá and full of howler monkeys typical of the region.


Whose name refers to the huge ceibas (sacred Mayan tree) found on all sides of the site. Also called The Gallery of Mayan Art, since in this place the best preserved stelae of the Late Classic period have been found. And to get to this; You have the magnificent experience of touring the waters of the La Pasión River completely surrounded by jungle. Really a great experience.  


Expedition of 3 days inside the jungle and the Zotz Biotope, bat (in most of the Mayan languages) to reach an archaeological site with temples so high, that we may be able to see the Temples of Tikal in the infinite horizon of the Mayan Biosphere. Among the greatest attractions of the adventure is the visit to the ancient El Diablo mask found in the Temple of the Nocturnal Sun.


One of our favorite specialties and an unimaginable 5-day expedition going deep into the heart and deep of the Maya Biosphere Reserve to reach the pyramid of "La Danta" cataloged as one of the largest pyramids in the world. Its construction is due to the Kan Kingdom or Serpent Kingdom and is considered to be the Mayan Mega Acropolis, where this civilization had its origins. His most recent studies and research have radically changed the thinking that was had about our ancestral civilization in its beginnings (pre-classical period) when it was believed that its constructions were the smallest and aboriginal and it was the opposite, when its constructions were the largest and most impressive.  

You definitely have to live the experience of venturing through the jungle, listening to it and walking through its sacred sites and connecting with its mysticism and Divine magic.