Green Caribbean

Izabal is our door to the Atlantic, a department infinitely rich in terms of natural and cultural riches of the Caribbean. Home of the Afro-Caribbean culture (Garífuna), the largest bridge in Central America (Rio Dulce bridge) and the bigest lake in the country; Lake Izabal (45 kmls2) surrounded by a dense tropical forest and mangroves.


Patrimony of Humanity and archaeological site where we will find the stelas (books written in stone) bigger of the Mayan world; excelling its famous stela E of 10.5 meters high. Mayan city privileged to develop in the vicinity of the Rio Grande or Motagua place where jade births are found, the sacred stone for the Mayans.  


Built in 1651 is the former strong guardian of the Caribbean sector of Guatemala that served to defend our coasts and fight against corsairs and pirates.  


A small but charming town and unique in the country for being the home of the Garífuna, our community of people of color. The Garífunas are descendants of the African peoples; therefore possessing their customs, traditions and came to Honduras, Belize and the Caribbean of Guatemala in about 1680.