el salvador
so Small but so Big
el salvador

The brother country of El Salvador; It is a world-famous country for its incredible beaches in its Pacific Ocean and for its history and archeology stands the very interesting Joyas del Ceren.

Joyas del Cerén:
the Mayan Pompey

It is a small archaeological site but of great importance. World Heritage Site and place where we can observe how the daily life of aboriginal agricultural settlements developed into the Mayan civilization with small houses formed by 3 separate structures: the bedrooms (rest area), the cellar (storage area) and the kitchen (cooking area where obsidian knives have been found, stones for grinding and vessels with remains of food such as beans, chili and cacao). And some even with the spectacular temazcal (the Mayan sauna).

coatepeque lake

Excelling among its tourist sites; the beautiful Lake of Coatepeque or the Hill of Snakes.  A lake surrounded by mountains, with transparent and crystalline waters ideal for the practice of ecotourism, bird watching, hiking, and of course; the pleasant opportunity to travel its pleasant waters.