Natural Paradise

The favorite sectors for the practice of ecotourism, adventure and the real home of the Kakaw or Cacao and the Quetzal (Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan), our national bird and patriotic symbol. Sectors dominated by mountain cloud forests and navigable rivers for rafting, crystal clear waterfalls and several, impressive and endless cave systems that for our ancient Mayans represented the entrance to the Underworld or Xibalba, highlighting the Caves of Lanquin and The Candelaria Caves.  

Biotope & Ranchitos del Quetzal

The specific places of the cloud forest for the observation (in its natural habitat) of one of the most beautiful birds in the world; the majestic quetzal or feathered serpent. Called thus by our grandparents since the feathers of the quetzal when flying perish serpents that fly through the skies. Really having the opportunity to see a quetzal in its habitat is a unique experience in life that you will never forget.


Known as the Imperial City; it is the cradle of the Mayan kingdom Quechi and the most important city of the Verapaces. Among its most important attractions is the visit to its many orchid nurseries where you can find our beautiful national flower, the white nun.


Etymologically where the river hides in the mountain; It is a natural limestone bridge where the river "Cahabon" flows and where in its surroundings a natural succession of water pools with turquoise and emerald green colors is created. A natural place so special and perfect for relaxation.

Caves of Lanquín & Candelaria

Both places cataloged as the entrances to the Xibalba or the Maya underworld. Large and impressive caves navigable by rivers, full of nature, peace, silence and a great mysticism.


Or the mirror of heaven, It is a lagoon with almost perfect circular shape surrounded by dense jungle. It is a very quiet place where you can breathe peace and pure air with transparent and crystalline waters where the moon and the stars are reflected in the night.