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The brother country of Honduras; It is a beautiful Caribbean country with incredible and famous beaches and islands in its Atlantic Ocean and with a lot of tourist sites to visit, definitely excelling Copan.


It is an impressive archaeological World Heritage Site, found at about 15 Kms. of the border with Guatemala and is where we can appreciate one of the maximum artistic expressions according to the stone carving for the elaboration of impressive stelae; for that reason called the Venice of the Mayans. Home of the only staircase with hieroglyphics that probably includes the longest text found (information carved yet to be deciphered) in the Mayan world. And we can not fail to mention the picturesque and tourist town of Copán, located in the vicinity of the archaeological site.

luna jaguar spa

A spectacular place that has innumerable pools of thermal waters with a theme and architecture of the Mayan Empire of Copán that will surprise you. A place to relax and have a direct contact with nature.