Live it to Believe it

A colonial city, a World Heritage Site and definitely one of the most magical and beautiful towns in Mexico. Full of colors, mountains, ethnic diversity, crafts, traditions and definitely highlighting its architectural treasures of baroque styles from the XVI - XVIII centuries. You will love SanCris.


The brother country of Mexico is a great country that has it all. From ancestral culture, archaeological sites and exorbitant nature; we know it very well and for us its most beautiful and important places are definitely to the South (Chiapas, Yucatan and Quintana Ro) and that´s why we visit:


It is an impressive national park with rock formations formed over 130 million years ago based on calcium minerals (limestone) and marine colanders; assuming that in ancient times this region was below water. 15 million years ago the waters retreated, forming the mountains that we know today, an impressive place to have a deep connection with nature.


Definitely one of the most important Mayan archaeological and ceremonial sites in Mexico. Located in the heart of the humid Chiapas forest and very close to the city of San Cristobal de las Casas. Among its most important constructions stand the Palace of the Ascension; distinguished by its tower that rises through the heavens. The Temple of the Sun, the one of the Cross and the one of the Foliated Cross, which constitutes a group that surrounds the Plaza del Sol, as well as the mysterious Temple of the Inscriptions, in which the tomb of King Pakal was discovered in a sarcophagus beautifully carved.

YaxchilÁn & Bonampak

Two impressive Mayan cities in the same route. Yaxchilan means Piedras Verdes and is an archaeological site that can only be visited by crossing the great Usumacinta River (the largest in Central America) and the natural border between Guatemala/Mexico. It is a place famous for its sculptural art represented in stelae and lintels; It is also very large however your visit is based on its Great Plaza, Great Acropolis, small Acropolis, South Acropolis and its famous Building 19 also known as the labyrinth for its complex distribution of rooms. And Bonampak an archaeological zone located in the Heart of the Lacandon jungle, standing out its famous building of paintings; containing three cameras and representing the presentation ceremony by the family of the Ruler (heir to the throne) and the victualling of the Lord King by several of its servers. In addition to the impressive scene of the procession of the musicians and the scene of the battle and the trial of the prisoners; observing the presence of Chaan Muan II wearing jaguar skins.


Etymologically it means "Two Adjacent Mounds" and this is relative to its two immense structures that predominate in the jungle. It is a very important archaeological site and was deeply linked with Palenque himself. And with Tikal (Guatemala) he had a great political rivalry of almost a century of wars and fights. In this archaeological site we can observe an excellent unique urban planning, large ceremonial plazas and several residential complexes.

Cascades & waterfalls of Misol Ha, Agua Azul & Roberto Barrios:

Impressive waterfalls full of crystal clear water, blue and green (depending on the depth in which you are), in addition to natural pools of water and abundant nature. All are beautiful and we recommend you visit them all; however, we personally prefer Roberto Barrios. Since these waterfalls are not as touristy as the others and where you can enjoy much more silence and relaxation.