Volcanic Sand & Nature

Cataloged as the cradle of sport fishing for sailfish and with an extension of 250 km (covering the whole country). It has beautiful beaches of black sand, volcanic origin and territory where we will find an extensive agriculture that stands out the immense plantations of sugarcane and ideal place to have the opportunity to practice different water sports, exploration of mangroves, etc.


Also called the Torch of the Americas, is an active volcano cataloged as one of the most visited in the world. It has interpretative trails surrounded by pure nature with magnificent panoramas of lakes, agricultural crops and other volcanoes around it. A volcano where you can see ancient lava flows, igneous rocks, magma stones, steaming steam boilers (extremely hot), etc.


It is a natural reserve created with the purpose of conserving and protecting the rich flora and fauna of the Pacific coast and probably the most beautiful country beach. Place where we will find very good hotels and restaurants and a suitable sector for community visits releasing turtles (for the time of spawning) the practice of surfing and cataloged as the world cradle of sport fishing for sailfish.