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Meet The Team

Jose Manuel
presi / nahual

An alchemist, an entrepreneur and a visionary citizen of the world. Family father and a deeply lover since his childhood of the mystique of ancient civilizations, ancestral knowledge and the esoteric. A tourism professional, who has dedicated the last 11 years of his life to the development of uplifting and transformational expeditions, and indigenous cultural immersions. Passionate about the divine magic of the jungles and sacred sites, the silence of the volcanoes, mayan spirituality and sacred fire, he travels through these lands and the world for love, unification and peace.

Cultural manager with over 18 years of experience (national and international) in the creation  (founding), management, producing and development of transformational festivals & retreats; promoting indigenous culture exchange, music, visionary art, natural medicine and permaculture.


An exemplary mother and a huge pride for the indigenous maya Tz'utujil community and for the whole world. A really strong worker from childhood to the present, an indigenous human rights activist, lawyer, community leader and the current president and representative of more than 11 organizations of indigenous women (unified in a Consortium) dedicated to the production and marketing of high quality handmade products with final goal it's the improvement of the quality of life of a large number of families living in poverty.

Indigenous queen Ruman Tz'utujil, member of the board of directors of the Mayan language academy, co-founder of civic committees and women councilor of the municipality.

pedrito infinito

A Guatemayan permaculturist by heart, and a family father who has explored the connections between plants, food, nutrition and health for most of his life. He has great experience in the field of indigenous superfoods, and has created recipe books and workshops to help to improve the nutritional deficit of extremely poor people. He has also participated and collaborated with several organizations (national and internationals) that creates, improves or expands existing programs to combat malnutrition.

A devoted follower of the mayan spirituality and sacred fire. A cultural manager with more than 15 years of experience in the creation, curating and management of public and private events that promote culture, arts, gastronomy, ecology and permaculture. He is the founder of El Infinito Cultura Permanente, a prototype of an urban development project based on the principles of sustainability.


A deep lover of Gaia our mother nature (and everything related to it), of the organic crops and permaculture and defenitelly of the sacred master plants (one of her favorites). An activist by heart, that in the last decade of her life has been in charge of several positions regarding to the development of the good relations between different social projects and the indigenous communities.

A flying traveling seed by profession that has traveled much of the world and also an entrepreneurial soul who has managed several projects both nationally and internationally and now; working with great passion the organic cultivation of kakao or cocoa and different organic and handmade products and focused on its production and fair trade manufacturing.

gabo / makak

A Guatemayan lover of sustainability, recycling and an environmental engineer by profession, who has dedicated more than 10 years of his life to create recycling programs and the best management of waste products for a better life, both within the country and in different parts of the world. His passion is to connect cultures and to travel worldwide in order to put high the name of these lands.

In recent years he has aroused a great passion for tourism and nowadays; he is a professional in this field leading several groups of visitors for these lands in addition to the development of specific itineraries for them.

An exceptional couple of Mayan spiritual guides (Ajq'ij), who have walked the white path (or saqbe) of the mayan spirituality for many, but many years. Father and mother, with great strength, energy and deep connection with the sacred fire.


Naturopathic teachers, artists in painting and mayan ancestral experimental musicians (snail, flute, drum, marimba, maracas, etc.). Founders of the sacred council of the Ajq'ijab'Iq'B'alam (jaguar priests) and speakers on the following topics: Medicinal and healing plants, cosmovision and Mayan spirituality, identity and rights of our indigenous peoples. And a fundamental part for our expeditions and activities; offering love, harmony, peace, light and protection for all.

"When you have to choose between two roads; ask yourself which of them has a heart Whoever chooses the path of the Heart, never makes a mistake."

- Popol Vuh (the sacred book of the Mayans)  

Tata mario
nana amalia

Accredited by the INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Institute).

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