An epic transformative journey from the mystical mayan highlands; home of our indigenous culture alive to the energetic  and powerful lowlands; home of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve and most of our high vibe sacred sites. 


Here you’ll see the best of Guatemala, its people and magic from different perspectives and points of view, having the experience of visiting the beautiful colonial city in ruins of Antigua, the  marvelous Atitlan lake with its indigenous communities and social projects, the Pacaya active volcano hike and the one and only the majestic Tikal. Considered to be one of the most famous archaeological sites of all and home of the Great Jaguar Temple (Temple 1) an icon for the country and the world.



Airport: Guatemala city (GUA)

-Arrival & departure. 


Country: Guatemala.


Expedition type & rating:

-Culture, Adventure & Spirituality.

-Easy level.


Destinations & activities: 

- Guatemala city visit. 

- Antigua visit (World Heritage Site). 

- Panajachel visit.

- Lake Atitlan and boat ride.

- San Juan La Laguna tour and  workshops (medicinal plants, natural dyeing, beekeeping, etc). 

- Pacaya active volcano hike. 

- Local flight (round trip) from Guatemala city (GUA) to Isla de Flores (FRS).

- Isla de Flores and Lake Peten Itza visit.

- Tikal exploration (World Heritage Site). 


Starting days:

Due to the local flight re-schedules provided by the Guatemalan airport offices, these are the days on which we can begin our journey.

-Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. 


Price per person !


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