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1/2 kilo of the ancestral mayan medicine for the heart & soul. ! Ceremonial grade & chocolatier level ! 


100% mayan organic, criollo & high-vibe cacao that directly supports the indigenous communities in Guatemala. 


A heirloom variety of cacao, infused with massive vibrations of love, service, compassion, abundance & purpose.  Each batch has its own unique magic & power.


*No dairy, no soy, no nuts, no refined sugars, no preservatives, vegan & gluten free.


Our mission: To bring the ancestral medicine of the mayas for the healing of humanity all over planet earth and beyond.    


Our vision: To transform the heart, mind, soul and spirit of all the people who tries or kakaw, the true flesh of the Gods. 


Thank you for your interest in spreading regenerative plant medicine !

Cacao Paste (1/2 Kg)


    Accredited by the INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Institute).

    Register number #2795-2013-D