Theobroma cacao means "The drink or flesh of the Gods" and it was the currency (money) for our ancient Mayans. Guatemala is the home of the best creole kakaw in the world and we are producers of this wonderful superfood possessing an infinity of benefits for our body, mind, soul and spirit. Our kakaw is of the highest quality (according to its flavor, aroma and texture) and can be used both for the finest chocolatiers, and in a ceremonial way since it is grown with love and under the highest quality standards and hygiene, in a 100% organic way and paid fairly to our collaborators.


We offer you:


-Fermented seeds (ready for roasting and future grinding) from:

20Kg to several tons (available during harvest seasons during April / May and October / November);


-Final presentation on bar or brick of pure kakaw from 01 kg to 20kg.

Fermented Cacao Seeds