Making a strong call of support to the entire international community that knows us, in these difficult times for our country and indigenous communities, we sincerely want to ask for your support !!!


As you well know, last week the hurricane and tropical storm ETA hit the country so but so hard, leaving more than 100 people dead at the moment (and increasing) in addition to leaving thousands of people cut off due to heavy rains, mountain landslides, destruction of roads and bridges, etc !! And for those who really know us, you know that we could not stay without doing anything ...


It rained in 1 week what it would have to rain in a rainy month and unfortunately our indigenous communities and the people most in need are the ones who always get the worst of it ... Today they lost everything, absolutely everything !!!


At this time we are helping in everything we can and our staff and closest collaborators are in different parts of the country offering a helping hand !!! Our 4x4 vehicles are taking food to people who have not eaten for days due to being cut off from the hurricane and a few days ago, a member of our family suffered a major accident when trying to land in a danger zone with his helicopter (both to leave food and to rescue people).


So we very humbly ask you to put your hand in your heart and consciousness and support us with a monetary donation, since with the purchase of this package you will be supporting us to buy essential supplies and their transportation to those communities. And if you really can't at this time, we ask you to please support us in sharing this publication with your people, friends, family and trusted people! since in these moments all support is more than welcome !!


Infinite THANKS and blessings !!! Stay SAFE and be kind …


With LOVE !



Hurricane ETA support for our indigenous communities #0