Welcome to Guatemala! The heart of the Mayan civilization.  On this expedition you will travel through the most important archaeological sites of the Mayan civilization. You will spend your nights and days exploring the amazing tropical jungle that the north of Guatemala offers for you. Waking up everyday with the sound of the howler monkeys you will be learning about the history of the Mayans, their way of living and traditions. Discovering the highlights of this ancient civilization you will surely see things from another perspective, one that can only be understood by navigating the trails of the snake kingdom, the Kan world.


Pristine nature, ancient ruins, and amazing wildlife accompanied by magical sunrises and sunsets will become part of our day to day. Guided by our highly trained staff and spiritual guides of the Mayan cosmovision, this fully immersing expedition through the jungles of Peten will more than surely amaze even the most experienced travellers. 


Get ready for a signature tour created for the ones eager to know the best of the Mayan world. 



Airport: Guatemala city (GUA)

-Arrival & departure. 


Country: Guatemala.


Type and rating: 


-Medium difficulty 


Destinations and activities:







Extended version:

-Dos Lagunas



Options for the starting days:

Due to the flight schedules provided by the Guatemalan airport offices, these are the days on which the tour can begin so everything goes in schedule with the flights.


Beginning in Tuesdays - Ending on Sundays

Beginning in Thursday's -  Ending on Tuesdays

Beginning in Saturdays - Ending on Thursdays


Price per person !


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Journey through the Kan world (06 Days):