Welcome to Guatemala; Heart of the Mayan civilization, on this special journey we will embark on an expedition starting in beautiful Antigua Guatemala on the center of the country going all the way up to Peten, in the northern part. We will cross through a series of roads that are not of regular transit for tourists, neither Guatemalans, just for the intrepid travelers that want to see the most from off the beaten path places. 


Moving from the colonial city of Antigua, to Sierra de las Minas; The biggest chain of mountains in all of Guatemala, coming down to the high tropics, to finally move towards the low jungles of El Peten. In the Mayan Biosphere you will experience many different microclimates and the amazing variety of vegetation that only Guatemala has to offer for you. We will see caves, risks, rivers, archeological sites and much more along the way.


An expedition to gain access into some of the most amazing but least visited places in Guatemala.



Airport: Guatemala city (GUA)

-Arrival & departure. 


Country: Guatemala.


Expedition Type and rating:

-Culture, adventure, and mysticism. 

-Medium level.


Destinations and activities:


-Sierra de las Minas

-Cuevas de Muc Bil Ha 

-El Ceibal


-Chiminos Island Lodge


Extended version:

-Crater Azul.

-Yaxha & Nakum.

-Tikal & Uaxactun.


Options for the starting days:

Due to the flight schedules provided by the Guatemalan airport offices, these are the days on which the tour can begin so everything goes in schedule with the flights.


Beginning on Mondays - Ending on Sundays

Beginning on Tuesdays -  Ending on Mondays

Beginning on Wednesdays - Ending Tuesdays

Beginning on Fridays - Ending on Thursdays

Beginning on Sundays - Ending on Saturdays


Price per person !


For the complete itinerary and all our services included, please write to us: info@guatemalascension.org

Path of the Kukulkan (07 Days):