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A 6 days mystical expedition to the biggest pyramid on planet earth!


For our detailed itinerary and all the services included please contact us at: info@guatemalascension.org


In this unique and one of a kind expedition, we will trekking for 6 days to the heart of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve (protected area from the UNESCO) and traveling to the one of the most energetic, spiritual, & magical places on planet earth. Truly an indescribable and unforgettable adventure that will change your life and positively affect the deepest part of yourself. El MIRADOR is the cradle and most important city of the Maya, place where it was created the first political State of all the Americas, the first super highway of the world, and the home of the La Danta; considered to be the biggest pyramid in the world (bigger than the Giza pyramid in Egypt). Reaching more than 100 meters high and around 300 by 300 meters wide. Dated from more than 1,000 BC and its development and evolution it’s regarding the dynasty of the SERPENT KLAN that is the most important dynasties for the Maya.


RECOMMENDATIONS: A must agreed with all the pilgrims An expedition for the lovers of the adventure and the esoteric, with an open heart and mind. That likes to push themselves to their limits and that love to travel out of their comfort zone. Since the beginning of our journey until the end, we will not have any kind of cell phone or internet connection, so we will completely out the modern world and during our expedition, we will be waking up around 4:30 - 5:00 AM for breakfast and we will walk an average up to 9 - 11 hours daily with small breaks (approximately 27 – 32 klmts or 18 - 23 miles) through the humid paths of the mayan jungle with an average of 85% density and mixed topography, that for most of the normal people its considered to be hard. The total of the expedition is up to 160 klmts or 100 miles and to make it successful; we will travel with: A professional team between tour leaders and expert guides in the jungle survival, all the medical necessary equipment (for any kind of emergency), loading mules (for the gear, equipment and supplies) and mules with chairs (for the explorers that might need to rest) with their own guardians. A chef in charge of preparing all the meals (3 meals per day, plus snacks and all the necessary water), camping gear, tents, yoga mats, blankets and pillows, etc & etc...

The Lost Pyramid Trek - El Mirador


    Accredited by the INGUAT (Guatemalan Tourism Institute).

    Register number #2795-2013-D