One of our signature journeys and the one that put us on the top of the international travel agencies and tour operados. 


Definitely a truly and epic transformative expedition to the deepest part of the heart of the mayan biosphere reserve, where it is hidden inside in the jungle one of the best humanity secrets and you are about to know why.  


The enigmatic lost city of El Mirador is one of the most energetic, powerful & magical places on planet earth. It's the cradle and most important city of the great maya civilization, actually its ancient headquarters and the place where it was created the first political state of all the Americas, the first super highway of the world and home of the impressive Temple of La Danta; considered to be the biggest pyramid in volume of planet earth (bigger than Giza in Egypt). We will also visit the majestic Tikal (World Heritage site) and the beautiful colonial city in ruins of Antigua (World Heritage site).


This one is specially designed for the true explorers on a life quest with a high sense for adventure, deep connection with mother nature and the magical, peaceful and healing experience of visiting the mayan ancient energetic sites. Trust us; it will leave you with stories to share for 10 life times ...



Airport: Guatemala city (GUA)

-Arrival & departure. 


Country: Guatemala.


Expedition type & rating:

-Culture, Adventure & Spirituality.

-Challenging level.


Destinations & activities: 

- El Mirador trek (Protected Area). 

- Local flight (round trip) from Guatemala city (GUA) to Isla de Flores (FRS).

- Tikal (World Heritage Site) exploration.  

- Isla de Flores and Lake Peten Itza visit.

- Antigua (World Heritage Site) tour. 


Starting days:

Due to the local flight re-schedules provided by the Guatemalan airport offices, these are the days on which we can begin our journey.

- Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.


Price per person !


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The Lost Pyramid Trek - El Mirador (09 Days):