Pioneers on sustainable and regenerative travel:

With a clear mission to preserve, protect, and encourage our sacred land, wildlife, ancient wisdom, culture, and future generations, we have been leaving a positive impact with the help of travelers like you for more than fifteen years.

Help through conscious and responsible adventures, and keep in mind that part of what you are investing in your trip reaches out to the indigenous communities, social projects, and forest.

What are we doing?

Promoting mindful and inspirational journeys of transformation that benefit you, the residents you meet, and mother nature.


Our many initiatives aim to preserve the forest and empower local communities with an alternate income source and generate a sense of pride through travelers’ appreciation.

We provide direct and constant support through:


Community, sustainable and regenerative tourism.

-Reforestation of forest and protected areas.

-Creation of nonprofit cultural events in favor of communities and social projects.

-Support and international exposure of local artists, artisans, farmers & their products.​

-Export of handmade products and edibles.

-Rescue and rapid action support team for natural disasters.


-Training and workshops regarding female and business empowerment, bio-construction, arts, recycling, nutrition and, permaculture.

-Mural paintings in schools, community centers, and parks.

-Bioconstruction of bookstores and scholar classrooms. ​

-Construction of rural scholar permaculture gardens.​

-Donation of various materials and supplies to remodel and improve different community projects and social centers.

-Monetary help.

Who do you support when you travel with us?

- Indigenous rights and female empowerment centers - Lake                Atitlan (Santiago Atitlan).

- Education / Rural schools - Lake Atitlan (Santiago Atitlan, San              Juan La Laguna y San Pablo).

- Permaculture and reforestation - Lake Atitlan (San Lucas Toliman),      Alta Verapaz (Lanquin y Cahabon), and El Peten (San Andres /            Carmelita).

-  Health and nutrition centers - Lake Atitlan (San Marcos La                    Laguna).

-  Associations of Mayan spiritual guides - Sololá (El Novillero), Lake      Atitlán (Santiago Atitlán and San Pedro La Laguna) and Amatitlán.

-  Coops of handmade products and agriculture - Lake Atitlan                (Santiago Atitlan, San Juan La Laguna, and Las Verapaces                    (Lanquin & Cahabon).


- To the affected communities when natural disasters occur - The entire national territory.

- To independent Mayan indigenous artists - The entire national territory.


We couldn't do what we are doing if it weren't for these inspiring social projects' endless hard work. For us is an honor and privilege to partner with them to strengthen our mission and theirs.

How you make the difference when traveling with us?

Some of our latest outstanding achievements:


- Feb 2020 / Bio-construction works on Lake Atitlan:

Proudly and giving many thanks to all the explorers, supporters, friends, and family that believe in our different projects; after years of constant hard work, we were able to formal inaugurate:

-The multifunctional public classroom in San Pablo La Laguna rural school.

-The public library in San Juan La Laguna rural school.

Imagine this; after being used for a very short time (as stages for events and retreats), several wooden and bamboo structures were transformed and came to life to brighten the lives of hundreds of children who lack their facilities to receive classes.

- July to Sept 2020 / Covid-19 crowdfunding campaign:

The world pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19) was not going to slow down our philanthropy. Giving many thanks to all those supporters and friends who believe in us, we could recollect several monetary donations for the communities where we live.


- Oct 2020 / ETA & IOTA hurricanes relief:

Wow, 2020, what a challenging year, right? Apart from making various supplies donations for the most affected ones, our helicopter pilot family member crashed one of his units when he was trying to land forcibly in communities wholly isolated.

Thanks to the great spirit, he is well, and the supplies were delivered!

Upcoming supports:

- Jun 16th to 21st. 2021 (Winter Solstice) / Jungle communities and sustainable/regenerative projects in the Mayan biosphere reserve.

Donations, workshops, and international exposure of local leaders with their strong opinion of not to sell the Mirador to the USA Government:

We will always be on the side of the sacred sites, jungle, and communities. Giving them our unconditional support so that the locals can make themselves heard internationally according to their strong position. Not to sell the protected and sacred Mayan site of El Mirador, the cradle of the Mayan civilization.


For more than a decade, we have supported these sacred lands and indigenous communities by bringing hundreds of explorers, providing local work, and doing our best to make the world aware of the wonders of our beloved country.


Check the video that we did about it, and come with us to discover this lost city.




We will support by donations of professional camping equipment, filming, workshops on the importance of conserving our sacred sites, and a series of powerful protection Mayan fire ceremonies guided by a team of Mayan timekeepers representing the  National Commission of Mayan Sacred Sites in Guatemala (COLUSAG).


Do you want to know what’s actually happening in our beloved mighty jungle and the plans of making it on the USA-founded attraction?  Check out the following video:





Our philanthropic focus is a vital part of our existence because it's our way of channeling back for the miracle of being alive and having this fantastic work.

You have to know that you are not buying a trip with any agency type that only benefits from you.

The massive difference with us is that your investment is supporting plenty of noble causes.

How can you help?

Now and more than ever, we need your support because the world pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19) shut down our business. So we kindly ask you to:


-Spread the word with your family and friends about us.


-When you feel it, travel with us, assist to our events, and buy our products.


Before your transformative journey:

-Follow us on our different social media channels. #mayacosmos_travelgroup

-Check out our online shop.


After your transformative journey:

-Spread the word and recommend our services and products to your family & community.

-Leave an honest review on our different social media channels.

-Buy our products online. Especially the cocoa, you will love it!

-Financial donations:

We have designed a way to give back even once our explorers have returned to their homes by:

We are accepting donations via Paypal to https://paypal.me/mayacosmos for community development projects and reforestation.

Stand out and make a big difference feeling good knowing that you are not only traveling, but you are also directly supporting things that nowadays really matter.

Do you want to know more or get involved?

CONTACT US at info@guatemalascension.org / sales@guatemalascension.org


When you have to choose between two roads, ask yourself which of them has a heart?

Whoever selects the Heart path never makes a mistake.

Popol Vuh (the Mayans' sacred book).


Sincerely and with gratitude 🙏