our specialties

During the course of many suns and moons of operation with different types of groups that request our services; we have specialized and developed in the following fields of action. Next we develop a little of these; and it is very important to mention that they appear in an indistinct order of specialty.

We are true

not tourists

on a quest of wisdom awaiting our


Professional photography & cinema for Social Media Influencers & Travel Bloggers

We have been working closely and exploring our beautiful country with different kind of artist since we were born. From worldwide international famous musicians, to remarkable painters and later on with the top notch social media influencers such as the youtube channel YES theory (Matt Dajer, Thomas Brag & Amar Kandil), with the super famous filmmaker wizard Sam Kolder and his partner the famous traveler blogger Kelsey Yamase (Kelsey Kawai).  With the creator of the advance selfie, our friend Sorelle Amore, the comedian Perry Grone, the world champion of racing drones and red bulls favorite Johny Schaer. Top norweian cameraman Andreas Hem, Max Rantz-Mcdonald among others ...        

Guatemala is in an exponential growth, and our proposed expeditions for your exploration are perfect and ideal for any type of photography and film. You will really love our landscapes, you will fall in love with the local culture, the warmth of our people and the thousands of stories that we have to tell the world. So don't hesitate in contacting us to make for your journey or for any kind of collaboration …

University trips

Highly educational journeys with an  incalculable value of life. We have worked in collaboration with different universities such as Berkeley, Marshall USC among others, and with different international schools. "Your hands in action" would be the most correct phrase to define this specialty; since for us the classes have to go more than to be spectators in a classroom. Students; whether they are in the university or in high school, will really learn life-long lessons and in some cases valued with an academic degree or simply experiential.

Expeditions in the jungle
Archaeology & history

The Mayans are the civilization to which the greatest number of ancient constructions are attributed. And for the most part these are still to be discovered. Exploring our lands is a journey into the past, full of an infinite millenary history. Our jungles are the homes of our sacred archaeological sites full of enigmas and mysteries to discover.

Learn to read between the lines and connect with their divine magic ...

Kakaw & coffee
our most important agricultural products

Kakaw (theobroma cacao) means "The Drink of the Gods" and is known worldwide as chocolate and cocoa. It was the currency (money) for the ancient Mayans and today we have an infinite number of business opportunities with him as well as coffee (coffea); that today is our largest export product and cataloged internationally for being the best in the world.

Definitely an activity for all those travelers who are always looking for a good business opportunity and want to get more out of their trip ...

Indigenous Communities and Social Projects

Our indigenous peoples besides teaching us the different ways of seeing and living life; they are the guardians of knowledge and ancestral traditions. Native towns and shires full of history and culture that over the years have developed incredible and interesting social projects to be able to get ahead, have a better quality of life and receive entrepreneurial volunteers.

You really want to know much more about it, you will fall in love with them and you will want to help them in any way ...


Guatemala has it all and this definitely includes top-notch professional medical services. It does not matter what you need; We are here to help you in any situation that involves a medical intervention and also to accompany you in your healing process by exploring (to the extent possible) these lands. If you start doing numbers and think about it; it will be much less expensive to operate or receive your treatment here than in your country; and also you will have the great extra to have a nice experience that you will never forget.
Think hard and dare, the medical services we work with are totally guaranteed and you will not regret it. On the contrary, you will recommend them ...